Directory of Volunteer Organizations


Experience the rarely seen wilderness, the magnificent landscapes and local culture, and the amazing volunteering opportunity with the cute national treasure, pandas!

Paramedics for Children

If your passion is volunteer work abroad, volunteering abroad, aid for children, social tourism, charity travel, or to donate to children we are the place you need to be. If you want to experience charity travel, aid for children, volunteer for children or donate to charity, then Paramedics For Children is the answer to your prayers. Come join us in helping to make the world a better place.

Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation

PCE Foundation is a national grassroots focused NGO empowering the rural communities especially the girls, women and children through dynamic and simple programmes that directly involves and benefit them - rural communities,  currently operating in Tororo and Buteleja districts of Eastern Uganda.

Our Vision is to have empowered communities that can take charge of their own developments.

Slogan is to break the circle of poverty.


Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is an award-winning international volunteer placement organisation based in the UK. We provide the worlds most affordable, need-driven and supportive short-term volunteer programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our programmes start from just two weeks in duration right up to six months. You can join us throughout the year as we have two start dates per month.

PMGY was founded by volunteers for volunteers. We are an independent social venture, not a...


Pretoma is a Non governmental organisation founded in 1996, our mission is to protect conserve and restore the populations of sea turtles and sharks that utilize the marine environment of Costa Rica by preserving the diverse habitats and international waters upon which they depend.”Over the last 12 years, volunteers have protected thousands of sea turtle nests and released hundreds of thousands of hatchlings back into the Pacific Ocean.

Project Hawai'i

Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring Summer Camp provides the Ultimate teen experience.

This 3-fold program includes educational workshops, community service, island adventures and  cultural learning.

    Teens will work along side their camp buddy (a homeless child) throughout the planned daily camp activities. Helping them to gain self-esteem, life and social skills to help them break their cycle of poverty. Teens will earn 200 community service hours along with the...

Proyecto Mosaico e.V.

Proyecto Mosaico is a German non-profit association based in Berlin/Germany with an office in Granada/Nicaragua. The focus of our work is coordinating international volunteers to organizations and projects in various countries in Central America. In addition to the coordination of volunteers, we are actively engaged in our own projects in the fields of environmental education and water and we increasingly conduct networking activities and capacity building for our local partner organizations...

Rainbow Voluntours

Rainbow Voluntours is a responsible tour operator based in India. We run a range of volunteering and tour packages that offer discovery, learning, adventure and fulfilment to travellers seeking to do something different in India. For the community we want to build sustainable programs that support all stakeholders. Depending on partner needs, our self-funding volunteer programs will focus on Teaching, Sports, Arts, Health, Construction and Women’s Empowerment across several distinctly...

Reef Doctor

ReefDoctor is a small UK based, not-for-profit, Marine Conservation organisation conducting coral reef research, implementing sustainable management principles, community awareness, schools education and social development work with the local Vezo fishing communities of the coral reef system of the Bay of Ranobe SW Madagascar part of the 3rd largest coral reef system in the world.


ReefCI do not like to call our guests ‘volunteers’!!! We recognize that without  our guests we cannot sustain what we do. When you come on a trip with ReefCI you will be well looked after. We operate throughout the year; therefore we are continually collecting data. So, as our guest you can choose how much you want to do.

Everyone contributes, just by paying for a ReefCI trip you are helping! Some people come to learn to dive, some people want to relax and put something back...