Directory of Volunteer Organizations

ASVO Volunteers

Twenty three years ago, the Association of Volunteers for Service at Protected Areas (or ASVO, its Spanish acronym) started active conservation efforts at national parks, beaches and communities in Costa Rica. ASVO is a non-governmental, self-managed non-profit organization. We work as a bridge between the civil society and the protected areas, engaging people in responsible actions in the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage. Our environmental problems, such as forest...

Balaam Eco Adventures

Oscar Castaneda: Managing Director Balaam Eco Adventures

Upon completing College I earned an Associates Degree in Arts and Science with majors in Biology and Chemistry with the intentions of becoming a Pedriatician.   The eldest of 4 in my family I was born and raised in "Sugar City" known as Orange Walk, Northern Belize and eventually moved to San Ignacio in search of more experience and exposure as a Naturalist Guide.    I am now an Envirionmentalist, Serious...

Biblioteca de Jacó

The Jacó Library and Learning Center is a non-profit organization and the only public library on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The mission of Biblioteca y Centro de Aprendizaje de Jacó is to provide materials and services to help community members acquire knowledge and information meeting their educational, professional, creative and personal needs.

The communities in which volunteers work can be 80% Catholic, though there are no religious...

Blue World Institute

The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation through its three programmes - scientific, education and conservation - carries out several projects aimed at recording data about the life of endangered marine organisms. Research focuses on large marine vertebrates with an aim to contribute to the protection and conservation of the marine environment through public awareness and education. Through this we try to support sustainable development of local...

Caretta Research Project

Why should people care about sea turtles?

    Sea turtles help maintain healthy dune systems by introducing nutrients in the form of nests.

    Sea turtles may serve as an indicator of the ecological stability of our oceans.Dying turtles are symptoms of sick oceans, caused by pollution, over-harvesting and habitat destruction.Healthy oceans are essential to healthy human populations and this affects EVERYONE.

    They are part of our...


Casa-Nica was founded to provide volunteer assistance to local NGOs throughout Masaya and other parts of Nicaragua. In partnership with a number of community-based organizations, Casa-Nica’s staff, interns, and volunteers work alongside these groups to provide additional resources and manpower to augment their ongoing projects.

Casa-Nica is directed by Josh Allsup and Elliot Cooper, both of whom have extensive experience in travel, development, and volunteer...

Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation

The Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997, dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of tropical habitats, and the conservation of their plants and animals.  Our mission is to sponsor scientific research, provide public education and support community-based actions that promote the conservation of ecosystem integrity and biodiversity.  We emphasize projects which promote the empowerment of local landowners and communities, and...

Centro Internacional Idiomas

C.I.I. offers volunteer programs based along the northen coast of Honduas. We look deeply into our country and every day we see many people in need of directed assistance, especially our children. Healthcare has a lack of help from the goverment and due to this poor people have to go to our public hospitals where they find substandard care and a lack of basic medical supplies.


The Center for Volunteerism in the Philippines, Inc. (CERV)

Christian Appalachian Project

Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) offers summer camp (3-7 weeks), short-term (3 weeks - 10 months), and long-term (one year) volunteers opportunities in Appalachian Kentucky. Volunteers make a commitment to Service, Community, and Spirituality, serving full-time in CAP programs, living in intentional community, and reflecting together as a community four nights a week.