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Volunteering Abroad For Women's Empowerment

November 08, 2012

In most developing countries, women’s issues are of the utmost concern. Through empowering women in their communities, families have increased opportunities to escape poverty and end the traditional, misogynistic societies in which women and girls are sometimes treated as less than human. 

Listed below are some startling facts about the disparities between men and women worldwide, courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau, Amnesty International, and Women’s Learning Partnership:

  • Women make up 66% of the world’s illiterate adults
  • About 75% of refugees and internally displaced peoples in the world are women
  • There are 6 million more women than men in the world
  • Two-thirds of the world’s children who receive less than four years of education are girls
  • Women perform 66% of the world’s work, but receive only 11% of the world’s income

Women, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Volunteer Global hosts information to a great number of volunteer organizations that work towards women’s empowerment, specifically through creating women’s groups, alongside a variety of other community building projects such as education and child welfare.

Here is a look at some of the categories of women’s empowerment organizations available, and a prominent organization in each of the fields:

Self Help Groups/Microcredit Loans

  • Includes helping women create their own businesses for self sufficiency through training and capacity building, crediting money for development, group management, regular meetings, and a continuous, rotation of funds throughout the area.
  • Prominent Organization: The Center for Tribal and Rural Development

Education and Health

  • Helps women achieve empowerment though increasing literacy rates for both women and children, improving health statuses, and eradicating poverty. Development programs include education initiatives which center on sustainable family living and health issues, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other common diseases.
  • Prominent Organization: Come Kuona International

Artisan and Environmental Development

A woman weaves silk, courtesy of WIkimedia Commons

  • Women create traditional, sustainable arts and crafts from renewable, natural materials to provide a sustainable future for their families and communities while preserving their culture and natural resources. 
  • Women are assisted in development of organic gardens, which sustain their families on a small scale and the community through the creation of community organic gardens.  
  • Prominent Organization: Colibris Women’s Artisan Cooperative

Empowerment through Primary Education

  • Focuses on the importance of women’s equality to men in order to achieve sustainable development throughout the world, specifically through eliminating the gender disparities in primary schools and thereafter.
  • Prominent Organization: World Camp

Advanced Economic Independence through Technology

  • Women are introduced to computer applications and learn to type, compute numbers, etc. Through the use of technology, women are trained to do record-keeping and accounting, allowing them to start and manage their own businesses. 
  • Helps set up international trade initiatives and product creation.  Decides fair trade certification.
  • Prominent organization: Women in Progress

Have you worked with a women's empowerment project? Which of these would you like to volunteer with? Post your experiences and input below!