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Two Volunteering Opportunities In Morocco

December 13, 2012

Located in the hub of three worlds, Morocco is part of Africa, the Middle East, and just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Europe. While this has promoted some degree of cultural diversification and an outlet for modernity, today Morocco is ranked 130th on the UN’s Human Development Index, making it one of the least developed countries of the world.

Moroccan Children - Volunteer Global

Volunteering opportunities in Morocco exist all over the country, and many organizations have identified three main areas of concern: language acquisition, poverty reduction, and women’s empowerment.

The following are just two great options for an impactful volunteer experience in Morocco!


UBELONG was founded in 2009 to mobilize individuals for one-week to six-month volunteering and educational placements to advance international development efforts and promote cross-cultural understanding. Committed to their mission of improving social and economic conditions of disadvantaged communities through grassroots projects, UBELONG believes a bottom-up, local approach to global issues is the best way to foster development.

UBELONG volunteers assist in caregiving and education, providing support for after-school youth centers, working with NGOs that assist the disabled and injured in children’s hospitals, and assisting in activities including the arts, homework, and developing life skills. Volunteers also teach tourist driven languages, such as French, English, and Spanish, to assist in workplace development.

Volunteers hoping to assist NGOs in Rabat can work on projects in poverty reduction, public health, sanitation, and education. Volunteers support grassroots efforts and collaborate with local staff to share ideas and contribute to organization activities.

Finally, volunteers wanting to assist in women’s issues directly can choose to support a single grassroots organization dedicated to feminist issues, including health, education, literacy, human rights, employment, and justice. Volunteers support small office staff, including collecting press materials, writing press releases, assisting on web and IT issues, writing reports and funding proposals, and more.

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Love VolunteersMoroccan Landscape - Volunteer Global

Love Volunteers in a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing rewarding volunteering opportunities in developing countries around the world. As an organization created by volunteers searching for affordable, dependable opportunities, Love Volunteers partners with organizations that have defined a specific need and provide safe environments.

In Morocco, Love Volunteers collaborates with their partner NGOs to offer placements where volunteers can work with children, provide assistance to environmental projects, help with health and sanitation projects, promote women’s empowerment, and more.

As a country situated in the middle of three worlds, Moroccans with modest background are at a strategic disadvantage if they are not educated properly at a young age. Through assisting less advantaged children who cannot afford private language lessons, volunteers can provide them with language skills that may help them evade poverty in the future. Volunteers can also teach computer skills, mathematics, and extracurricular activities to stimulate the minds of children and young people.

For volunteers looking to assist women, projects are available to teach conversational English and a variety of other life skills and ways to promote self-sustaining lifestyles. These skills allow women to earn money, become educated, and provide for their families.

Finally, volunteers have the option of assisting children with disabilities who are often overlooked by the government and communities within Morocco. Children with disabilities not only face increased likelihood of poverty in the future, but their families are under increased pressure and financial stress as well. Volunteers are able to play, feed, and look after children with disabilities to provide support to families and children’s hospitals.

Love Volunteers offers volunteering opportunities not just in Morocco, but also around the world. For more information, check out

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