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Dar Al Ayatam Al Islamiya, The El-Hibri Foundation, and Youth Welfare in Lebanon

December 26, 2012

Peace, education, justice, and the welfare of youth have long been recognized as the foundations of a thriving society. While conflict and poor economic conditions have left many in a sense of hopelessness in the Middle East, two great organizations have provided relief and promoted peaceful solutions in Lebanon and the U.S.: Dar Al Ayatam Al Islamiya and the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation.

Here is a look at the great work both do individually, and perhaps more importantly, what they do together!

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The Social Welfare Institutions in Lebanon was founded in 1917 to provide relief to orphans and distressed youth in the aftermath of World War I. In 1932 the organization was named Dar Al Ayatam Al Islamiya and began providing services to different categories of abandoned children and children with disabilities. Today, diversified, specialized services are provided in over 30 locations, including 54 specialized operating institutions in Lebanon.

Services provided include internal care, education, special education, vocational training, rehabilitation, healthcare, nutrition, family support, widow assistance, elderly care, women’s empowerment, and subsidized schooling for children and babies of low income working mothers. Much of the work that Dar Al Ayatam Al Islamiya does is funded in part through the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, based in Washington, D.C.

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The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation

The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, founded in 2001 by Ibrahim El-Hibri, is a charitable foundation that works to build a better world by embracing the universally shared values of Islam: peace and social justice. Their core values include respect for cultural diversity, creative thinking, teamwork, and reliability.

The mission-critical initiatives the Foundation pursues are peace education, interfaith dialogue, humanitarian aid, and social justice. The Foundation provides grants to other charitable organizations whose work is compatible with their mission and objectives. The Foundation has provided over 30 grants to organizations that support the Foundation’s initiatives since 2001. The Foundation has provided grants in the areas of Peace Education, Interfaith Dialogue, Humanitarian Aid, Social Justice, and in-kind grants for the use of space in their headquarters.

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Dar Al Ayatam Al Islamiya and the El-Hibri Foundation provide relief to poor, distressed, and underprivileged in Lebanon through the Sheikh Mohamad Tawfiq El-Hibri Hall and the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus.

The Sheikh Mohamad Tawfiq El-Hibri Hall is a multi-purpose orphanage that provides accommodations, schooling, education, rehabilitation, primary healthcare, and guidance to over 200 orphans and at-risk youth between the ages of five and thirteen. Courses in education are designed to assist youth in becoming the most productive, prosperous adults possible. Course subjects include linguistics, mathematics and computer training, as well as vocational training such as welding, plumbing, and sanitation management. This center was built to complement the orphanage founded in 1917 on the same site.

After the success of the Sheikh Mohamad Tawfiq El-Hibri Hall, the El-Hibri Foundation, in collaboration with Dar Al Ayatam Al Islamiya, opened the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus in May 2012. The campus is a state-of-the-art orphanage and educational center in Qobbeh, Lebanon, with the capacity to care for up to 800 orphans, disadvantaged children from poor or dysfunctional homes, school drop-outs, other at-risk youth and widows. The campus provides a variety of services, including food, clothing, shelter, primary healthcare, pre-school care, K-12 education, and vocational training. The campus includes dormitories, classrooms, workshops, nurseries, an auditorium, cafeteria, library, sports and recreation area, and administrative offices built in a “green” manner.

Dar Al Ayatam Al Islamiya and the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation are living proof that organizations from different part of the world, even with missions that are not entirely similar, can be successful in fostering change and providing assistance to those who need it most. Their partnership is a testament to the charitable giving and nonprofit world.

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