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Travel Buddy Of The Week: Platanitos Turtle Camp

November 28, 2012

Congratulations to Platanitos Turtle Camp, our Travel Buddy of the Week!

The Sea Turtle Camp at Playa Las Tortugas, Mexico, invites volunteers to assist with sea turtle rescue and monitoring as well as environmental conservation. Projects are ongoing depending on the volunteer's availability, and local housing is provided. Volunteers should be in good health, and are asked to pay between $4 and $7 per day for housing.

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Travel Buddy Of The Week: SAIDIA Tanzania

November 21, 2012

Congratulations to SAIDIA Tanzania, our Travel Buddy of the Week!

SAIDIA Tanzania works with local communities to identify and support projects that will enable sustainable, positive change. Programs focus on sports, education, youth and personal development, income generation, and more. Volunteers stay for two weeks' minimum, and are housed in a guest home or lodge.

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A Quick Guide To Microfinance

November 20, 2012

Today's blog post is courtesy of Ben Smith.

If you’ve browsed this site looking for types of projects and organizations with which to get involved, you’ve probably come across the term “microfinance” more than once. Many organizations, particularly those working in small communities, include microfinance in their mission to serve the poor and underprivileged as it is a way to help others help themselves, with real growth and sustainability the end goal. Here is a primer on what exactly the term means and some organizations that can help you get involved with working in...

Travel Buddy Interview: Paramedics For Children

November 16, 2012

For today’s Travel Buddy Interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rodger Harrison, President and Founder of Paramedics for Children.

Based in Honduras, Paramedics for Children provides volunteer opportunities ranging from school supply missions, to disaster relief, to medical clinic assistance, to a Children’s Health and Identification program.

Volunteers must be 18 or older, or at least 12 if accompanied by an adult—background experience is not necessarily required, and individuals, couples, and groups can...

Travel Buddy Of The Week: AMAIDI

November 14, 2012

Congratulations to AMAIDI, our Travel Buddy of the Week!

Founded in 2006, AMAIDA develops partnerships with community based organizations worldwide to develop volunteer and internship opportunities. Projects include women's development, microfinance, agriculture, construction, education, and much more. While most projects through AMAIDI take place in India, others throughout Asia, the Americas, and Africa are under development. Volunteers can stay for one month or longer, and usually stay at a guest house or homestay.

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Travel Buddy Of The Week: VolNepal

November 07, 2012

Congratulations to VolNepal, our Travel Buddy of the Week!

This locally based nonprofit organization was founded in 2000 to provide community development opportunities throughout Nepal. Projects include teaching, childcare, women's empowerment, medical care, research, outreach, and office assistance. Volunteers can stay with a host family or in a house or private apartment. Most projects last four weeks on average; those aged 18 or older with English language ability are welcome to join.

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Volunteering Abroad In England

November 01, 2012

Today's blog post is courtesy of Ben Smith.

If you are reading this post, you understand the English language, which is 90% of the battle when it comes to volunteering. Though England is a First World country and fortunate in many respects, the country has been hit hard by the global economic recession and the needs are great in many parts of the country. The nation has also traditionally taken the lead in helping the poor and underprivileged, just as the United States tends to do, regardless of the economic climate.

Volunteer Opportunities in England


Travel Buddy Of The Week: Esther Honey Foundation

October 31, 2012

This week's featured Travel Buddy is the Esther Honey Foundation.

This organization, operated by an all-volunteer staff, prides itself on treating companion animals by engaging volunteers with veterinary background--or even just a love for helping animals. Nearly 220 animals are treated each month on this Cook Islands program. Volunteers are welcome to stay anywhere from two weeks to two years, with dorm-style housing provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Cutting Your Volunteer Trip Short

October 25, 2012

Ok—let’s say you had the opposite experience from last Thursday’s post on extending your volunteer trip. For whatever reason, you’ll need to cut your trip short. Maybe you have an emergency back home, or maybe things just really aren’t working out for you or for anyone else at your project site.

Don’t panic

If a worst-case scenario happens, whether it’s small-scale like a lost passport, or even large-scale, like political turmoil in your host country, find your way to your country’s nearest embassy or...

Travel Buddy Of The Week: Cultural Destination Nepal

October 24, 2012

This week's featured Travel Buddy is Cultural Destination Nepal.

With projects all over the country, Cultural Destination Nepal provides opportunities to education children, work with street children, assist with women's organizations, and teach monks and nuns. Projects start from one to three months, and volunteers stay with host families, in a hostel, or in a volunteer house. Participants must be between 18 and 65.

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