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Volunteer Abroad For Research Projects

December 21, 2012

For today’s article, let’s go over volunteer abroad programs that focus on research. This is a great area to volunteer in, especially if you’re a student seeking college credit for your volunteer work.

What’s Involved With Volunteering For Research Project?

These programs are interesting because there’s so much out there to research—a few examples include:Volunteer abroad for research projects - Volunteer Global

  • Monitoring bird habits in the wild, including how many there are, when they migrate, what they eat, and how they interact with one another
  • Cataloguing and organizing artifacts in a museum collection
  • Tracking disease progress, including who it affects and where it goes
  • Checking growth and spread of invasive plant species
  • Calculating literacy rates and test scores among a certain age, gender, or ethnic demographic

Who Can Volunteer Abroad For Research Projects?

Opportunities are available to people of all ages, fitness levels, and educational and career backgrounds.

If you’re interested in seeing the wild, there are volunteer groups working on research from the jungle to the tundra; if you’d like to be inside, there are museums worldwide with vast private collections of artifacts, art, and writings that are waiting to be researched. There are projects out there for those who have only a week to spare or for those who would like to take a career break for a year.

Who Can I Volunteer With?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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