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I’m a student volunteer! 5 reasons why volunteering is especially cool when you’re young.

September 28, 2015

People volunteer for many different reasons, especially wanting to help others in difficult times, or when they have experienced something themselves and this knowledge could be useful for those in same situation. But it is also OK to want volunteer for self developing and personal education. 

“Volunteer is not a job, nor a hobby, it is a calling.”

 - Helen Keller

Being a volunteering student, most of all I wanted to be useful and help other people. But as the time passed I realized, that volunteering has gave me some benefits too.

Here I got 5 reasons why it is so important to volunteer while you’re student.

You’re in the spotlight!

Volunteering opens plenty of opportunities for participating in various educational, healthcare, nature and wildlife protection etc. programs; also you can help with planning and organization interesting activities for people, from kids to elderly generation. You will be informed about all planned events and participate not only as a spectator, but as a proactive member. 

You see the world.

Being a volunteer you get a great chance to travel for free, whether it is your own country or the whole world. While travelling you meet new people, get to know their lifestyles, culture and learn better understanding. You evolve as a person and also become a positive influence for others.

    You communicate with people and make new friends.

    By taking part in social work, you can find lots of new friend     and even more! And what is more important, these people       will share your interests, and they represent the most active     and fun part of the youth. Communication and  interpersonal skills are one of the most important qualities for a true volunteer.

    You do a good thing.

     Volunteers help in a wide variety of areas – from social              work, education and healthcare to nature protection and    business development. Volunteer projects are a great field    for  inspiration. Participating in various events and activities,  you can  unveil you talents both as an organizer or a creative  person.  Whatever you’re passionate about, you always can  find the niche where you can realize your potential as a volunteer.

You create a basis for your future profession! is a first thing they ask when it comes to new job. Of course, working    experience and education are very important. But you could be asked what  you’ve done in your life? I’m sure your future employer won’t be satisfied  enough with “I’m fond of watching movies and also have a great music    taste”. 

And here is where the volunteering experience can become a great bonus! You demonstrate your personal qualities such as kindness, compassion, communicative skills and responsibility, as well as show yourself as broadminded and well cultured person. Most of the major companies working according to international standards value the experience of a volunteer as an important quality in employment.

In conclusion, I’d say that volunteering is a great way to explore the world and push your own limits, and while you’re young and full of energy it is a quite right thing to do!


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