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From Piranha Soup to Curry Grasshoppers: A Short Guide to Unusual Foods Around The World

February 18, 2013

Now my purpose of this article is not to put you off going to any of these destinations. We all know that volunteering broadens your horizons. But how about broadening your tastes and tickling your taste buds with some unique and, dare I say it, “unusual” local dishes?

Here’s my appetising selection that might get your mouth watering or, at the very least, your mind boggling!

Head over to Belize for roasted mashed cockroaches. Wash down with a seaweed shake shaken up with a shot of rum to make those ‘roaches trickle down all the...

I've Got 99 Problems But My Child Volunteering Overseas Isn't One

February 13, 2013

Dear Mum and Dad, True fact: You spend your time wishing we were more independent, self-sufficient and a little bit more ‘grown up’, just so that you could experience what sanity is like once again! Yet when faced with the idea of us going overseas to a foreign country and culture alone, you may feel like grounding us for two months - just so that you can keep us for that little bit longer, safe and sound. Even if we are 22 years old or older! Would you not be more worried if we stayed at home doing what we call that 'nothing' all day (ie. listening...

Ditch Those Destination Jitters!

February 04, 2013

You have arrived at your volunteer destination.  Your heart is beating 100 miles an hour. You're double-checking that you haven’t left anything behind on the bus, train or car. Maybe your hands are sweaty. Those butterflies in your stomach must be doing somersaults in double time. Don’t worry!

These symptoms that you are experiencing actually have a label: excitement!

Here are some tips to calm those 'butterflies' and help you to get settled.

Remember:  You are here to learn as well as help.

1. Your volunteering...