Country: Antigua & Barbuda, Ghana

Administration, Business Development

Ghana - Day 1, 06/16

December 19, 2013

Today...I ate a hamster, and it was good. My vision quest host John has an eclectic counterpart of some rather notable geographic experience throughout Europe and Africa. He is a local chief with children by both is wife and girlfriend. But I should go back...

I arrived in Accra, Ghana 5 days ago via Frankfurt, Germany  flying Lufthasen after two days of training and various excitements in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where our stateside orientation was held and we first met our fellow Peace Corps volunteers and new friends. I roomed witha fellow world traveler named Jesse who has been throughout India and is brilliantly tattooed. And I instantly became enamoured of two beautiful girls named Caroline and Yasmine. Another girl named Claire was to join us later, also very cute.

Drawing - Ship Battle

After training and arriving in Ghana where we were greeted by cheering fellow PC vets and a motorcaid escort to the Women's Adventist Center where we spent our first night, we were given our "Vision Quest" assignments and I learned I would be traveling alone to Western Ghana to the Ankasa Nature Reserve to stay with a conservation volunteer named John.