Country: Antigua & Barbuda, Ghana

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January 17, 2014

I'm the first one up today; miracles do happen. We saw our training host sites yesterday, where we will be spending the next 3 months, divided into groups by what "sector" we'll be teaching. Every Thursday we'll all meet up again at the Deri Hotel for shared training sessions. The math and science groups, of which yours truly is included, also had our initial site interviews. It was pretty dull - a routine smattering of questions about secondary project ideas, teaching age preferences, as well as any medical or nutritional/dietary needs.

Schommer and I

I should probably get my mind off the girls. Daydreaming about charmingly flirting, and then only managing to be awkwardly benign is stretching a little thin. There are plenty of other interest to focus on...though having someone to confide in and enjoy their company would be nice. Who knows - we get our site placements today where we'll be spending the next two years, and that could definitely shed some new illumination on aspects of this situation, along with opening the doors on a whole new host of questions.

I'm resigned to stay even if I get the desolate, isolated Northwest or Northeastern regions, often humorously referenced by the veteran volunteers as BFE, or just Egypt - though they use the local pronunciation that sounds more like *Aegaypt* or *Eyagypt*. So, yeah, I'm still hoping not to get one of those. We'll see.