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06/21 Continued...

January 17, 2014

Yesterday we arrived in Techiman, about 2 hours north of Kumasi, where we would participate in training sessions for roughly 3 months before swearing in as official PCVs - until then we were PCTs (trainees). 

We arrived early in the morning and rested (for once) for the rest of the day. We had one exercise about something and then relocated to the pool bar of the Deri Hotel where we would be staying until placed with our training host families. It was really nice to relax with a few beers and laughs. I missed the naked pool antics as I retired before 2 AM, but I was grateful for the night's sleep.

Today I woke up with a sunburn and razor rash in full swing so I felt like a social pariah... for about an hour or so, then I forgot what I looked like and joined society exuding my regular absent-minded mirth. 

We've had two filling meals and are currently waiting to be summoned for our vision quest Techiman briefings at 2:00 PM. The first round of site placement interviews for the ICT (Info/Comp Tech) and Art people was today. Apparently Science and Math will be tomorrow. We watched Shrek 2 last night and discussed various sexual activities at more than adequate length. Then I caught a toad (a very large one) and gave it to Claire as a present.

I then fell asleep to my soft playlist...Pete Yorn, Gary Jules, Clannad... followingly waking up to Anime soundtracks.