Country: Antigua & Barbuda, Ghana

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January 17, 2014

On the evening of the 18th we had the option of either leftover hamster - which I personally did not venture to investigate any further - or fish, with a choice of fufu or rice, of which I had the latter. Throughout the following night and into the morning I, and later John, were afflicted with a most virulent, and thankfully short-lived, case of the runs...putting a distinct end to our plans of a rainforest hike to the bamboo forest and a short lesson at the nearby village school (for which I promised to return later).

I caught a ride to Soda Zhim/Dim with the Frenchman and from there began the trip that was destined to become hell incarnate on Earth. I didn't need to wait very long for any rides, which was a mixed blessing as there was consequently very little reprieve for my abused bum.

The highlight of my trip must most certainly, incontrovertibly be the road from Takoradi to Kumasi; a very, very long, arduous, holey-pothole-ridden stretch of Tartarus track that Apollo's own stallions of fire would have thrown their shoes on, to be left beaten and bruised by the side of the road. They travel this stretch at a fairly regular speed of at least 50-60 kph, repeatedly, reliably throwing the entirety of the car's occupants into the air a foot or less as the roof allowed. 

I arrived in Kumasi after dark with the aid of much assistance with directions from start to finish and made my way to the Peace Corps sub-office. Once there I decided against joining my compatriots at the nearby bar and promptly crashed, after eating some bread with water, and ice! I love ice.