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December 19, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday. I thought I might go the entire day without thinking of it. But they handed us out this information sheet with bios and brief information on our fellow group members, and Melissa, one of the other PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees) remembered it was almost her birthday, then mine, and spread the word. I also called my parents for the first time since I arrived in Ghana on my "new" phone, so I got a few nice "Happy Birthdays".

The beach is relaxing after a few days in the dark rainforest that is John's site. He just left to get us more pineapple, which is much, much sweeter and less tart than what I'm used to in America. He's getting us some mango juice as well, freshly squeezed from a friendly, if persistent, Ghanaian man here. Then we're to have pancakes.

Black MambaEvening

The pancakes were excellent, as was the fruit salad of popo (papaya), banana, and pineapple. We ate at Ms Elizabeth's in town at a lovely little house-store on the second story balcony with a view down the street.

I can't neglect to mention the notable feat of yesterday. John and I swam out to Akuba island and back. It was a kilometer each way and was somewhat tiring for a swim against the waves to get there. The island itself was extremely small, with little noteable life other than two palm trees that could be seen from shore and a remarkable number of crabs.

Jesse and I eating

After swimming back, a much more relaxing experience assisted by the waves and current, we sat down with the other PCs - 16 in all - and proceeded with a rather succinct if not inclusive VAC (volunteer action committee) meeting - the purported purpose of this meetup. We then made our way down the beach and across a small brackish river, then up a short winding path to the Black Mamba for pizza and beer. It was an impressive house attached to a cliffside pagoda run by an older expat woman from Germany who had spent the last 16 years in Ghana and could loosely be described as eccentric and loquacious. We sat, ate, drank and talked into the evening after questing for the myseriously missing Ming - a fellow PCT who seems to have a penchant for wandering off by himself without the wherewithal to get himself back.

John and I have since returned to his site in Ankasa rainforest and are currently resting before dinner and an early night's sleep in preparation for a possibly overly ambitious schedule tomorrow...

the beach