Country: Antigua & Barbuda, Ghana

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06/16 Continued... Recap of last week in Accra

December 19, 2013

Right before heading to the Ambassador's house it began raining, fairly hard, drenching us all as our groups made it back from our Accra tours. We were all wearing loose clothing, myself a Hawaiian shirt, khakis, and flip flops - not, mind you, what we were told to expect back in the US prior to departure - putting my dress dockers and formal wear to waste.

I was especially excited at the chance to speak with one of the US foreign service embassy officials at surprising length and breadth. We discussed some of the *hidden* truths regarding the selection process and conditions (you can indeed switch between specialties/scopes and any can potentially lead to becoming an ambassador). She also shared some of her own history and tales of service, which was both fascinating and made me feel even more excited to really get on my journey and to work here in Ghana. The extra spicy fried plantains and kabobs weren't quite to my taste...but the Star beer was adequate.

Drawing - Ship Battle

On our Accra quest my relaxed partners allowed us to walk a fair ways beyond our mission target (I obviously lay the blame at their feet), but we eventually found it. The "Game" turned out to be a near-perfect reproduction of an American Wal-Mart, with pink instead of yellow smiley faces. I also discovered FanYogo, the strawberry/yogurt flavored slushy drink that I instantly fell in love with.

Other first week highlights include being pelted with gin packets by our PCV predecessors upon arriving at the airport and a motorcaid police escort to Valleyview and the Women's Adventist Center. My poop thus far has been pretty good, and other than a sore arm from the Typhoid shot I have nothing ill to note. Although anxiety, mass unknown bites, and pinkeye have made a presence in our group as a whole.