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Schommer and I


January 17, 2014

I'm the first one up today; miracles do happen. We saw our training host sites yesterday, where we will be spending the next 3 months, divided into groups by what "sector" we'll be teaching. Every Thursday we'll all meet up again at the Deri Hotel for shared training sessions. The math and science groups, of which yours truly is included, also had our initial site interviews. It was pretty dull - a routine smattering of questions about secondary project ideas, teaching age preferences, as well as any medical or nutritional/dietary needs.


Kari and I eating

06/21 Continued...

January 17, 2014

Yesterday we arrived in Techiman, about 2 hours north of Kumasi, where we would participate in training sessions for roughly 3 months before swearing in as official PCVs - until then we were PCTs (trainees). 

We arrived early in the morning and rested (for once) for the rest of the day. We had one exercise about something and then relocated to the pool bar of the Deri Hotel where we would be staying until placed with our training host families. It was really nice to relax with a few beers and laughs. I missed the naked pool antics as I retired before 2 AM, but I was...

Think Twice


January 17, 2014

On the evening of the 18th we had the option of either leftover hamster - which I personally did not venture to investigate any further - or fish, with a choice of fufu or rice, of which I had the latter. Throughout the following night and into the morning I, and later John, were afflicted with a most virulent, and thankfully short-lived, case of the runs...putting a distinct end to our plans of a rainforest hike to the bamboo forest and a short lesson at the nearby village school (for which I promised to return later).

I caught a ride to Soda Zhim/Dim with the Frenchman and from...

Black Mamba


December 19, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday. I thought I might go the entire day without thinking of it. But they handed us out this information sheet with bios and brief information on our fellow group members, and Melissa, one of the other PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees) remembered it was almost her birthday, then mine, and spread the word. I also called my parents for the first time since I arrived in Ghana on my "new" phone, so I got a few nice "Happy Birthdays".

The beach is relaxing after a few days in the dark rainforest that is John's site. He just left...

Rainbow after the rain

06/16 Continued... Recap of last week in Accra

December 19, 2013

Right before heading to the Ambassador's house it began raining, fairly hard, drenching us all as our groups made it back from our Accra tours. We were all wearing loose clothing, myself a Hawaiian shirt, khakis, and flip flops - not, mind you, what we were told to expect back in the US prior to departure - putting my dress dockers and formal wear to waste.

I was especially excited at the chance to speak with one of the US foreign service embassy officials at surprising length and breadth. We discussed some of the *hidden* truths regarding the selection process and conditions...

Drawing - Ship Battle

Ghana - Day 1, 06/16

December 19, 2013

Today...I ate a hamster, and it was good. My vision quest host John has an eclectic counterpart of some rather notable geographic experience throughout Europe and Africa. He is a local chief with children by both is wife and girlfriend. But I should go back...

I arrived in Accra, Ghana 5 days ago via Frankfurt, Germany  flying Lufthasen after two days of training and various excitements in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where our stateside orientation was held and we first met our fellow Peace Corps volunteers and new friends. I roomed witha fellow world traveler named Jesse who...

Really, Really Important Peanut Butter: Adventures In Customs

September 17, 2012

“Mr. Lee? Sir, we can escort your item for you to the plane.”

I noticed that the tone of the woman’s voice was kind as it interrupted my thoughts. I managed a soft, courteous, but extremely confused “I’m sorry…” leaving my mouth half-open.

My forehead was slightly drawn down to eyes which, just before, had been openly engrossed in my novel, but were now squinting, not in concentration at some far-off interest, but in simple incomprehension of some flagrantly foreign object inexplicably present in my living room or on the street that...