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Time for Christmas Campaign 2013: Part II: the FINAL

January 20, 2014

Christmas Campaign 2013
14 - 15.12.2013

At the very beginning I need to say SORRY for such a delay. In reality, I have no real explanation for that...nevertheless, the fact is that 24h/day is definitely too short for one to accomplish all they set out to do!

Getting back to the Campaign...
It's true that the final part lasted only 2 days order to get to the end, we had to put forth quite an effort.

First, we needed to distribute petitions concerning prosperous help for the Campaign to almost 100 public and private institutions like schools, kindergartens or SMEs.

Second, small talks with pupils and entrepreneurs about the Campaign and the possibility of their active participation as volunteers - and the request for donations.

Third, constant reminder about donations at schools and private entities.

Fourth, organization of 3 meetings with prosperous volunteers, mainly students from local schools.

Fifth, recollection of donations and their packaging in order to create gifts for almost 2000 children.

Sixth, advertising campaign in the local media.

Seventh, logistic organization and creation of activities for 2 final days of the Campaign.

And we only had 2 months to deal with all of those actions. Of course, that's only just the summary of the most important parts concerned with the process.
We were only three girls, but with a help of our friends we were able to manage it! Thank you everyone! :)

And that long-awaited finale...
About 40 volunteers of Native of Peru on the 14th and 15th of December went to 3 different santy towns called San Isidro, Buenos Aires and Guayan to sow smiles on all the children's faces. What did it look like?

  • We played various dynamic games
  • We danced with Santa Clause and his elfs
  • We ate typical peruvian dinner like Carapulcra and poster like Panetón
  • And we gave out presents to all those children who were waiting for that moment for the whole year.



























That kind of action in Peru is called "Chocolatada". It is because in many cases together with panetón people will also prepare hot chocolate.

Of course, as always not everything was perfect! We couldn't avoid some unexpected inconveniences like a broken car the very morning of the 1st day of the final, which was supposed to take volunteers to shanty towns, causing almost 3 hours of delays - or a fight for the organization of "Chocolatada". I'll explain that case in detail.

During those final 2 days of our Christmas Campaign we should have visited 4 places. However, even though we sent to Presidents of shanty towns an official document informing about our event, when we came to one of them on Sunday - it was occupied by another organization. It resulted in an immediate  change of our plans and searching for another place for setting up our "Chocolatada".

For me it was very strange situation. In order to help the most needed, there exists a kind of rivalry between institutions. And what is worse, that mobilization to donate happens only during the Christmas time, and after that...deafening silence.

And something else...
Unfortunately, after finishing the Christmas Campaign and because of some personal matters, I was forced to change my plans to return home early. I changed my return flight on the 10th of January and planned my last 3 weeks in Peru...3 weeks I was determined to explore and adventure!

That's all!