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Struggling with Travel Preparations: Part 2

September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013 - four days to my departure from Poland, four days to discovering the land of the Incas, and four days to start a new episode of my life… Everything would be great, but the theme of struggling with packing and pre-departure logistics is beginning to feel overwhelming! The constant part of my journeys' frenetic fever-rush begins when I ask myself why I always have to get into such a mess! And that irritating attitude is going to last until the moment I put my feet at the airport in Lima and realize that the true journey, what all the preparation and planning has been towards, is going to start!

Nevertheless, till that time there are numous activities to complete in order to finally realize that I left all of the really important things at home!

Enough! What is truly noteworthy in today's blog is the examination of the peeling of bananas!

A joke? Not at all!

This afternoon a friend of mine, after seeing me starting to peel a banana at a wrong side, gave me a very accurate and informative lesson! “Have you ever seen monkeys eating bananas?” he asked me. “Every nation in the world has no problem with peeling a banana, only Polish people do it in reverse!” It might seem simple, but the point is that a banana constitutes a base among fruits in Peru and any inadequate technique of its peeling could appear to be an interesting topic for rumors about foreigners in the country of Incas. And I would like to *not* be a source of continued least for Poland.

That was a very precious lesson! A big Thanks to Dorian von Lehmann ;)

Do you know how to peel a banana?