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Struggling with Travel Preparations: Part 1

September 13, 2013

To be honest, there is relatively little to say about my preparations for the 6-month adventure I’m embarking on in a little less than two weeks. Why? Because I hate packing suitcases, making notes, buying everything in advance and so on and so forth… things most typical travelers will do before his or her journey!

As I near the last of my studies and realize I have no clue what I want to do as my future career, all I was sure of was that I wanted to take advantage of this time to expand my own experience - ensure this time was special and unique to me. It took a month of constant consternation and tens of kilometers of pointless meanderings through the city when the idea of using my time to volunteer and serve came to my mind. Becoming the typical volunteer who only takes care of children and helps them at school didn't hold much appeal for me (honestly, I’m not keen on spending all day with kids who only want to be first while playing the same games all the time). But I rather wanted to focus on a kind of internship relating to my interests and previous experience with the potential to help others. And started the process of my stormy web searching

When I came across the offer of Native of Peru NGO, an organization located in Huaral, Peru, which advertised for someone who would work in the Department of Communication, I thought, “with such requirements I'm not qualified - it's impossible... but who cares" and I sent an application to Laura Oriundo, one of the founders of that organization. After a month of transferring different documents written in either English or Spanish and an online interview, I got an e-mail entitled "Congratulations!"

And now we cycle back to today's theme... preparations!

Till now (2 weeks before my departure), my focus has been on practicing my Spanish. Without that linguistic skill, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible for me to navigate and live on that incredible, historic Inkas’ land.

And now we're staring at my suitcase! One week ago I went with my father to a sport's shop in order to buy a new suitcase that had not only a special code for the zippers but also a padlock! You may ask why? According to my father, “Do you want to go to jail after someone from the airport service puts some drugs into your suitcase?!” a padlock it is.

That’s all for now… I hope you enjoyed my first post (first ever for me!). I promise next time won't be boring with emails and suitcases! Best!

~ Aneta