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Peruvian Active Weekends: Part I

November 05, 2013

Due to spending an inordinate number hours at the office working in front of my computer, as well as being in constant motion with every possible kind of activity I am able to do for work, I've realized that the best I can do for myself with the time I have in Peru is to actively fill every minute of the free time I have.

A short calculation reveals that I have about 20 weekends for traveling and trying out any of the number of possible activities I may discover while I'm in Peru.

Anyone interested in my first results? Here they are!

1. Tour in the pursuit of lamas and the forest of rocks.

Together with Alex Oriundo, who is a brother of Laura whom I wrote about in the previous posts, we conquered the village of Huallay, measuring 4300 m above sea level. We located at the highest possible place in the district of Huaral. It was an adventure of 7 hours of daily trekking, rewarded with the typical "warming tea" of the region and evenings spent relaxing in the thermal waters of Collpa.

I really appreciated the attitude of the inhabitants of the villages we came through, especially towards me as an exotic foreigner. Yes, Yes! An exotic tourist! I've already grown accustomed to the whistles on the streets and numerous questions posed by the children about my strange hair and eye color - blue!

But I may honestly say that we were welcomed by constant greetings and smiles on this trip. What is more, we were even invited to dinner by a woman living alone in her small cottage house.

And how about the weather conditions?

Because of the altitude, the weather changes from hour to hour. That is why I was forced to wear everything - starting from the top down, including my full winter jacket. Nevertheless, I really didn't care about that!


2. Sandboarding in the middle of the desert = family weekend in Huacachina, Ica.

Very brief introduction: Huacachina is a tourist draw where the terrain is covered with dunes. In the middle of that desert there is a very small oasis that attracts tourists from around the world.

Because of my passion for snowboarding and snow, and after realizing I'm going to lose this winter time in Europe, I discovered that there's a possibility for sandboarding in Peru early on - and it's help my attention!

Now, I may easily confirm the fact that this kind of sport may be a good substitute for snowboarding during the European summertime. Even if it can't completely replace it!

In general, you need to rent a snowboard in order to downhill. Otherwise, you are going to lose a board, that is offered to you during a dune buggy rides, after 5m of going down because of the weak backles! Unfortunately, I was too mean and unconscious of that fact and I didn't rent it. Luckily, a day before the tour, one of sellers of boards let me downhill from the top of a dune using snowboard. Honestly, the difference was enormous!

Nevertheless, I'm not going to miss my next chance to sandboard in Arequipa where I'll go in the next few weeks!

After such an exciting day in Huacachina, together with my friends whom I work with at the office, we went to Paracas. It's the city with ones of the most beautiful beaches in Peru. We visited the Paracas National Reserve where nature plays by its own rules and human beings have little impact. Just have a look!

...and with that, I'll conclude with the fact that I'm waiting for the next exciting weekend!

All the best,