Country: Poland

Business Development

The gap year is lasting! Bienvenido a Vic, Cataluña, España!

March 15, 2014

After almost 2 months of living in my small town in Poland and being more and more depressed by the lack of possibilities for my personal development, I finally found a way to escape from this underwhelming world!

On Friday, 7th of March, I came to Vic (Catalonia, Spain) for my EVS (European Voluntary Service)!  
Thank God the guys from Aurora GPS Organization decided to suffer with me the next 6 months after a short Skype interview! By writing “guys” I mean Feliu and Ramon! Gràcies! ;)

My 1st impressions?

  • I have lovely flatmates living with me in the PINK FLAT (don’t ask why!) who you’re going to meet for sure lately!
  • I have nice neighbours living downstairs and having their bedroom exactly under my room. It’s really awesome hearing from them that regardless of the period of a day (especially when I am sleeping) I do nothing more like only walking in high heels and doing exercises! 
  • The city itself is amazing! Just have a look!




  • My duties in Aurora seem to be really impressive! We’ll see if I am able to follow all of them!

The 8th of March I went with two other volunteers- Michał from Poland and Audrey from France to El Panta de Santa Fe (Montseny mountains). It was like 7 hours of constant trekking to find a hidden lake almost in the peak of the mountain! I loved it! Look at those amazing views. 

3 days later we had a Good Bye Party of Audrey. The whole Aurora stuff met together in the Pink Flat celebrating a common dinner.

And the new adventure begins...

That’s all!