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Discovering Vic

April 12, 2014

With a small delay but finally continuing...


The whole Pink Flat went to the Exhibition that took place in “Temple de Roma” in Vic. It was a project of Dr Trueta Foundation celebrating its 20 anniversary. It is the organization dedicates occupational theraphy that employs people suffering mental disorders enabling them to incorporate to the normal life by working i the medicines' waste management.

Temple de Roma is a miniature of the real one. It was constructed by Roman conquestors. evertheless, the small element of one of its columns is originally from the real temple.  





Another weekend in the mountains. Together with Michał we went to the most common peak in Vic called Le Creu de Gurb where the flag of Catalonia is waving. It is a sign of the feeling of the independence of people from that region. Views are extremely overwhelming! Just have a look:




In reality, Vic could be named a sport centre of Catalonia. In every corner of that city, you can find facilities enabling you to do almost every kind of sport strating from American football or rugby, through skiing (1,5h by train from Vic) finishing on horse riding in the mountains.


Together with Jaśmina (another Polish volunteer) and Ana (my flatmate) we went to Borgonya, a small village close to Vic where Jaśmina worked. We stopped in a big old house where lived a group of 10 young people and two kids. Nothing would be extraordinary unless the fact that their life was absolutely hippie!
Firstly we played Ultimate Freesbie and then we ate paella that was prepared in the biggest pan I've ever seen.
It was a very nice day.




More adventures soon!