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Bienvenido al nuevo mundo! Part I: Huaral, Peru

October 01, 2013

My 5th day in Peru and until now I'm still getting used to life in this extraordinary world. It's been a great shock for me from the very beginning!

After 14 hours of flying from Warsaw to Lima and landing at the airport at 6 p.m., the first thing that caught my attention was the darkness and a strange fog spreading through every street of the capital.

I haven't discovered Lima yet but I'm going to do that as soon as possible. Nevertheless, in spite of the hugest traffic jams I've ever seen, waiting for a little bit long time at the bus station, where nothing akin to a time table exists, was enough for me to find out the general rule of driving in Peru - there are no rules!

Numerous Peruvian drivers move to different directions without obeying any traffic rules nor taking care of pedestrans nor other vechicles at all!

Time for Huaral where I'm going to live and work for the next 6 months!

Have you ever seen a "mototaxi"? It's one of the fastest and relatively cheapest ways to get to your travel destination, especially when you're in hurry! I really love them so far!

And now...some words about the town itself.

What came to mind first is the total lack of green areas, parks or gardens in the centre of Huaral.  A little bit of nature exists only in the suburbs.

Secondly, there are no rains that influence the environmental situation of that region. But there is a lot of air pollution. Nevertheless, rain is not the only reason of such vegetative desolation. Most locals use very old cars using only leaded petrol or diesel that significantly affects the climate. What should be mentioned here as well, is the weak water pressure (not taking into consideration places where the only form of water that exists is a polluted river).Because the length of my hair reaches to my waist, I have to wash it using a bowl or pot and a glass! What an unsusual experience!

On the other hand, the prices of fruits and vegetables are extremely low here. By going to the local market, people sell different types of food that I've never seen before. What I like the most are the bananas of various colours - yellow, green or orange...! It is amazing!! And you know what?- there is no rule indicating that you have to peel a banana at one side or the other. It's your choice!

All in all, most people from Huaral are very friendly and always eager to help! Even though I feel like an alien here, at whom every citizen seems to look strangely upon, I'm going to meet as many Huaralians as possible!

Thankfully the family I live with is the best Peruvian family I could ever meet! The house is always open for friends and newcomers. Because there are so many people living here (as well from the other countries like Italy, Spain), it's impossible to find time for boredom. The family consist of 5 members while at home there are always many more faces! But I'll have to write more about the house of the Oriundo family and its other inhabitants a little bit later. 

For now that's all! Yours, from Peru!!


Lau (not verified)October 23, 2013
I like it :)
David (not verified)January 31, 2014
Me too!