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Following the snow

June 07, 2014


Do you ever feel completely alone, without the willingness and energy to follow a sunny day?

No? Well, I do.

It was the 27th of May, I was on my way back home from work. Because of walking next to the Cathedral of Vic, after seeing its main entrance opened, I decided to enter and enjoy the atmosphere there. After a few minutes of contemplation, I realized that all doors are closed. I saw one nun and asked her about any possible exit. We started to talk and finally we got to the conclusion that because of the fact that I love trekking, I...

VIC - ends! by Aneta Dudenko


May 12, 2014

31.04 - 04.05 BARCELOOONA

One MAN named Rafał, who I miss a lot and who is so impacient because of my absence in Poland, decided to steal few days of my voluntary service and came to Spain to spent with me a lovely weekend in Barcelona!

It was an amazing, unforgettable time that makes me feel more depressed after getting back to Vic. 

We visited the whole city without using the public transportation! The first day was dedicated to the bicycle's trip, the second we left for a walking tour and the last one for learning longboard!...

Aneta Dudenko

In order not to be bored...

April 19, 2014


Weekly holidays in Italy! That's what I needed. Even though the first month in Vic was extremely busy, I was dreaming about seeing my Polish friends! How easily sometimes dreams may come true....well...not taking into account my trip from Spain to Italy using every possibile type of transport, I may say it was absolutely worth it!

One week doing snowboarding..something I love, and with such great people! Thank you all! ;)



Discovering Vic

Discovering Vic

April 12, 2014

With a small delay but finally continuing...


The whole Pink Flat went to the Exhibition that took place in “Temple de Roma” in Vic. It was a project of Dr Trueta Foundation celebrating its 20 anniversary. It is the organization dedicates occupational theraphy that employs people suffering mental disorders enabling them to incorporate to the normal life by working i the medicines' waste management.

Temple de Roma is a miniature of the real one. It was constructed by Roman conquestors. evertheless, the small element of one of its columns is...

Bienvenido a Vic, Cataluña, España!

The gap year is lasting! Bienvenido a Vic, Cataluña, España!

March 15, 2014

After almost 2 months of living in my small town in Poland and being more and more depressed by the lack of possibilities for my personal development, I finally found a way to escape from this underwhelming world!

On Friday, 7th of March, I came to Vic (Catalonia, Spain) for my EVS (European Voluntary Service)!  

Thank God the guys from Aurora GPS Organization decided to suffer with me the next 6 months after a short Skype interview! By writing “guys” I mean Feliu and Ramon! Gràcies! ;)

My 1st impressions?

  • I have lovely...

In the pursuit of llamas! = how to discover the mystique Peru in 18 days

January 20, 2014

At the very beginning I need to explain exactly my situation. After finishing the Christmas Campaign, because of some private reasons, I was forced to break my voluntary service in Huaral. However, it was obviously a great  lesson of life and totally new experience for me. I’m sure I need to do everything in order to see people I met there at least one more time in my life!

And writing that post at the airport in Paris (of course, I haven't finished it titally), I'd like to say A BIG THANK YOU to all those who made that part of my life one of the...

Time for Christmas Campaign 2013: Part II: the FINAL

January 20, 2014

Christmas Campaign 2013
14 - 15.12.2013

At the very beginning I need to say SORRY for such a delay. In reality, I have no real explanation for that...nevertheless, the fact is that 24h/day is definitely too short for one to accomplish all they set out to do!

Getting back to the Campaign...
It's true that the final part lasted only 2 days order to get to the end, we had to put forth quite an effort.

First, we needed to distribute petitions concerning prosperous help for the Campaign to almost 100...

Time for Christmas Campaign 2013: Part I: Preparations

November 20, 2013

Yo Siembro Sonrisas - Campaña Navideña 2013

Native of Peru has held the Yo Siembro Sonrisas campaign every December for 3 years. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and the good-hearted citizens of Huaral, more than 2,000 under-privileged children from 4 different shanty towns can experience the warmth and caring of the Christmas season. The main objective of the campaign is to collect donations (clothes, toys, school equipment, and money) and create small packages which are given to the children Christmas Eve.

"What is a shanty town?" you...

Peruvian Active Weekends: Part I

November 05, 2013

Due to spending an inordinate number hours at the office working in front of my computer, as well as being in constant motion with every possible kind of activity I am able to do for work, I've realized that the best I can do for myself with the time I have in Peru is to actively fill every minute of the free time I have.

A short calculation reveals that I have about 20 weekends for traveling and trying out any of the number of possible activities I may discover while I'm in Peru.

Anyone interested in my first results? Here they are!

1. Tour in the pursuit...

In the Pursuit of International Unity = Ecuador

October 23, 2013

The 3rd week of my volunteering service in Peru was an unforgettable journey along the Northwestern coast of the continent. 

Bienvenido a Ecuador!

Aside from the 28 hours spent on a bus in both directions, this might be described as a perfect tour.

The first three days with Laura, about whom I wrote last time, we spent in Guayaquil - the capital of the economic growth
of Ecuador, where we took part in the 6th IAVE Latin America Regional Volunteer Conference.