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Questions To Ask While Choosing A Volunteer Vacation

When choosing a volunteer abroad project, consider your expectations—what do you want to get out of the program, what will you give in return?

Do You Want To Emphasize “Volunteer” Or “Vacation”?

Knowing this from the start will make all the difference in planning a positive travel experience. If you’d like ample time to explore the host community and surrounding areas, you might want to sign up for a less intense project, or even one with built-in excursions and tours.

Get in touch with your volunteer program coordinator to see what the typical travel experience...

Faceless NGOs

Something I've noticed while researching international volunteer opportunities is the surprising number of groups who give little to no information about their in-country partners.

I see all too often something like, "Our group works with an organization/NGO in your host community to acheive our common goal of sustainable development/education/child care/etc." With NO mention of who that NGO or small group is, whether they have a site you can visit, whether it's run by locals, or what.

My first reaction when seeing this is to dig around, find the local partner, and extend an...

IMHO...Volunteering Abroad Ain't THAT Bad

I read a blog post recently regarding the negative parts of volunteer travel. This person made a few jabs at the industry, namely:

  1. All groups who charge are inherently shady
  2. Volunteers aren't helping anything
  3. Volunteer travel experience should count against a person in a job interview

I’d like to respond to these.

Regarding: All volunteer abroad groups that charge a program fee are shady

Unfortunately, I think this person either didn't do her research or she just made a sweeping judgment about all volunteer vacations...