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Medicine in Guatemala

Remote Medicine

One of the wonderful things about practicing medicine in the Military is that it allows us to put a good foot forward into other countries and show a better side of us. I worked in the Air National Guard for several years treating pilots in Oregon, which I loved doing, but I also had the opportunity to practice medicine in Guatemala and Haiti through the military.  In Guatemala we traveled to remote locations by bus in sweltering heat, in our uniforms, to set up clinics where none existed, and staff them with...


In the pursuit of llamas! = how to discover the mystique Peru in 18 days

At the very beginning I need to explain exactly my situation. After finishing the Christmas Campaign, because of some private reasons, I was forced to break my voluntary service in Huaral. However, it was obviously a great  lesson of life and totally new experience for me. I’m sure I need to do everything in order to see people I met there at least one more time in my life!

And writing that post at the airport in Paris (of course, I haven't finished it titally), I'd like to say A BIG THANK YOU to all those who made that part of my life one of the...

Time for Christmas Campaign 2013: Part II: the FINAL

Christmas Campaign 2013
14 - 15.12.2013

At the very beginning I need to say SORRY for such a delay. In reality, I have no real explanation for that...nevertheless, the fact is that 24h/day is definitely too short for one to accomplish all they set out to do!

Getting back to the Campaign...
It's true that the final part lasted only 2 days order to get to the end, we had to put forth quite an effort.

First, we needed to distribute petitions concerning prosperous help for the Campaign to almost 100 public...

Schommer and I


I'm the first one up today; miracles do happen. We saw our training host sites yesterday, where we will be spending the next 3 months, divided into groups by what "sector" we'll be teaching. Every Thursday we'll all meet up again at the Deri Hotel for shared training sessions. The math and science groups, of which yours truly is included, also had our initial site interviews. It was pretty dull - a routine smattering of questions about secondary project ideas, teaching age preferences, as well as any medical or nutritional/dietary needs.


Kari and I eating

06/21 Continued...

Yesterday we arrived in Techiman, about 2 hours north of Kumasi, where we would participate in training sessions for roughly 3 months before swearing in as official PCVs - until then we were PCTs (trainees). 

We arrived early in the morning and rested (for once) for the rest of the day. We had one exercise about something and then relocated to the pool bar of the Deri Hotel where we would be staying until placed with our training host families. It was really nice to relax with a few beers and laughs. I missed the naked pool antics as I retired before 2 AM, but I was...