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Summit day on Kilimanjaro

The hardest goal I have ever set before myself was to climb the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. I had no previous climbing experience, but I saw Kili as an opportunity to achieve greatness.

After four days of climbing for eight hours a day, day five started at midnight in order to reach the peak by sunrise. Only the stars in the sky and the snow around us were visible. I remember singing with our guide “Jambo Bwana, habori gani?” to stay awake and moving.

Around seven in the morning, I slowed down. I was barely moving my feet from...

The Yogurt Man Cometh

Upon the first day of orientation in Ankara, the Fulbright Commission gifted all of the English Teaching Assistants with a book, The Yogurt Man Cometh: Tales of An American Teacher in Turkey by Kevin Revolinski. I found tremendous comfort in Revolinski’s words. As the craziest and most bizarre stories began happening to me I thought, “How will anyone believe me? Is there anyone who will understand?” Revolinski understood.

In fact, after finishing the book, I wrote to Revolinski requesting an interview. Revolinski’s book aided me; therefore, it can surely serve the...

THE Voluntourist

During my travels, I have had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Sellers. He is 27 years old and a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. He works as a freelance graphic designer in Detroit and at restaurant in the area. Following high school, Dan began to travel and volunteer around the world. His travels delayed his graduation from college, but Dan was able to venture to South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. While visiting the far corners of the globe, Dan volunteered. Seven years later, Dan is still volunteering abroad. He is THE voluntourist. Below, is my interview with Dan where...

Following the snow


Do you ever feel completely alone, without the willingness and energy to follow a sunny day?
No? Well, I do.

It was the 27th of May, I was on my way back home from work. Because of walking next to the Cathedral of Vic, after seeing its main entrance opened, I decided to enter and enjoy the atmosphere there. After a few minutes of contemplation, I realized that all doors are closed. I saw one nun and asked her about any possible exit. We started to talk and finally we got to the conclusion that because of the fact that I love trekking...

3 Gap Year Stories

A gap year can be defined as a break from the professional world to pursue other interests. Often, this term is associated with volunteerism. Although intimidating, a gap year can provide an abundance of attitudes, skills, and knowledge that can help an individual excel once returning to the professional world. Here highlighted are three brave young women who took a gap year after high school, before college, and the advantages they gained from the experience.

Callie Orsini (University of Georgia)- For Callie’s gap year, she traveled to Central America....


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Marylin Ryder, United States of America

Hi everyone!
My name is Marylin Ryder and I’m a professional blogger and a freelance writer. My passion is travelling around the world and participating in various volunteering programs. Currently I’m engaged in educational project in Seoul and volunteer at, helping students in essay editing.
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Sarah Vandenberg, United States of America

Sarah created Volunteer Global during a college internship with the Peace Corps, and since then has dedicated her time to researching best practices, trends, and news within the volunteer travel industry.

She graduated from the George Washington University in 2008, and worked in event and project planning, membership management, and volunteer support for the Peace Crops and the Committee For Education Funding in Washington, D.C.

In December 2012, Sarah left Volunter Global and is now Editor-in-Chief of Frayed Passport.

Stephanie Heiken, United States of America

Stephanie joined our team in spring 2011, with her first posts published in March of that year. Steph's articles often focus on international development, education, humanitarian aid, and other issues worldwide. She also publishes stories and advice from her travels worldwide.