Information Technology

Volunteer Global - Information Technology

Assist with repairing and deploying laptops with One Laptop Per Child in Nicaragua, social networking and blogging in Caye Caulker, Belize, and more with our information technology programs.

IT & Communications Manager

Country: Antigua & Barbuda · Timeline: 26 weeks or longer · Cost: From $1,305

The IT and Communication Volunteer shall work under the direction of the Executive Director or her appointee of the GARD Center, and will be responsible for: Populating the GARD Center web page with pertinent and updated information. Assisting... Read more!
Print Journalism in Ghana Journalism Internship

Country: Ghana · Timeline: 4 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $727

Discover a land loaded with thought-provoking stories & remarkable photographic opportunities as you work for a daily newspaper, television station or radio station based in Ghana, West Africa. OGVO offers both Print and Broadcast... Read more!
One Laptop Per Child Laptop Repair And Deployment

Country: Nicaragua · Timeline: 1 week or longer · Cost: From $296

This program invites you to help Casa-Nica in efforts increase computer literacy and provide educational support for students within the Masaya, Nicaragua community. As a volunteer, you'll help with: Inspecting and repairing laptops that will... Read more!
Marketing Work Experience

Country: South Africa · Timeline: 2 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $1,533

Gain experience in marketing and help promote EDGE of AFRICA's various community outreach and conservation projects! As an organisation that is entirely dependent on the financial contribution and man power of volunteers, effective marketing is... Read more!
Social Networking And Blogging Social Networking And Blogging

Country: Belize · Timeline: 1 week or longer · Cost: From $247

Volunteer for social networking and blogging in Caye Caulker, Belize!  Through this project, you'll update the P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary and Humane Society website, write blog posts about news and events, and market the work they do through Facebook... Read more!
Website, Web 2 And Media Creation Website, Web 2 And Media Creation

Country: Nicaragua · Timeline: 4 weeks or longer · Cost: From $296

Nicaragua is moving online along with the rest of the world but currently lacks the many of the skills needed to create a polished online presence. They realize that in order to attract new volunteers and gain exposure they need to be online... Read more!

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