Community Development

Volunteer Global - Community Development

Advocate for human rights, assist with education and learning programs for youth, and other community building projects.

Pre School Children Pre-School Teaching & School Enrichment

Country: South Africa · Timeline: 4 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $2,381

You will provide much needed teaching support and manpower to underprivileged pre-schools for children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years. You will be assisting with teaching our fun and educational workshops and will help local children... Read more!
Rural Medical Outreach

Country: Madagascar · Timeline: 2 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $1,582

There is a serious lack of trained medical professionals and manpower in the rural villages in South East Madagascar. No matter what your level of health care knowledge is, there is a large amount of work that needs to be done. It is extremely... Read more!
San Francisco Orphanage San Francisco Orphanage

Country: Costa Rica · Timeline: 4 weeks - 24 weeks · Cost: From $936

The Orphanage of San Fransico serves around 25 children ranging from 0 to 12 years. Volunteers assist with daily tasks, including helping to feed the children, playtime and socializing, and with the design of activities and general support of... Read more!
San José Children's Hospital San José Children's Hospital

Country: Costa Rica · Timeline: 4 weeks - 24 weeks · Cost: From $936

The Children´s Hospital is one of the largest and most specialized hospitals for children in Latin America. Built by the Rotary Club of San José, it is one of the most prestigious and professional institutions in its work and facilities. The... Read more!
preparing for soccer Sports Coaching & Community Outreach

Country: South Africa · Timeline: 2 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $2,381

Sports is often the last priority in local schools when funding is limited therefore, we aim to provide an opportunity for local children to develop their love of sports where they may have otherwise missed out. We feel that sports can be an... Read more!
Volunteer Simon with his class in Tomepampa Support Teacher at Honofre Benavides School, Cotahuasi Canyon

Country: Peru · Timeline: 4 weeks or longer · Cost: From $296

We are looking for enthusiastic people with a passion for education to work at our school project in a rural region in southern Peru. As a support teacher you will work alongside a local teacher at our partner school, Colegio Honofre Benavides... Read more!
the Torre Fuerte girls on a city bus tour in Arequipa Support Team Member at Torre Fuerte Girls' Home

Country: Peru · Timeline: 4 weeks or longer · Cost: From $296

Volunteer at a home for abandoned and abused girls in Arequipa, Peru. Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte is a home for girls who have been removed from their families due to abandonment or abuse. It is based just outside of the centre of the city of... Read more!
Teach English Teach in Primary & Junior High Schools

Country: Ghana · Timeline: 4 weeks - 52 weeks · Cost: From $727

Volunteers can teach in primary and junior high schools, where volunteers being placed in communities, cities and villages (urban and rural settings) in Ghana, where they are to teach English as well as other subjects to the local children. You... Read more!
Physical accommodationsTeaching English for Rural Children

Country: India · Timeline: 4 weeks - 48 weeks · Cost: From $260

Teaching English program The Teaching Program is available in rural area villages in south Tamil Nadu. The volunteers will work in the villages and organize various enjoyable and creative activities for the children to sharpen their talents and... Read more!
Cultural Exchange through letter exchange The New Peacepal (Pen Pal)

Country: Uganda · Timeline: 2 weeks - 52 weeks · Cost: From $417

We need a Pen pal Coordinator  (position available all through the year) Roles: - Work with rural schools in the letter exchange ensuring that letters reach the beneficiary and replies sent back. - Lobby for Pen pal opportunities from his/her... Read more!


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