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Lemur baby Lemur Volunteers needed in Madagascar

We are looking for dedicated amateur or professional conservationists to help us manage our spectacular lemur reserve on the edge of the Indian Ocean in Madagascar.

Lemurs are now the most endangered mammals, the most endangered primates on earth. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries on earth, and over the last five years, things have become much much worse... <!--break-->... read more!

Medical volunteer in Nepal Medical electives

In our medical and health care program, volunteers will work together in collaboration with Nepalese medical and health professionals and experts to provide health care services to patients from different social background in various places of Nepal. Usually Doctors, nurses,dentists, physiotherapists and medical related students or medical specialist can join any of our health and medical... read more!

Capacity Building to youth

We provide training to youth and we crete awareness to youth.

Volunteer from Britain Teaching practicals at  a primary school in Africa. Teaching children In Primary & Secondary schools.

Volunteers will be working in the school with the staff teaching in the school.They will be organizing home work,class arrangements,collecting and distributing books to students and making sure they are silent during class time.

They will give assignments and mark.They will help childrens to concentrate during lessons.

Proyecto Mosaico Volunteer Work in Central America

Get Involved!

You can become a part of this work! Share your time, experiences, and ideas with our partner projects and their participants. You can help improve the local situation, raise awareness, and protect the environment!
On our homepage, you can find our projects and the corresponding presentations.

Please check the minimum time commitment, Spanish... read more!

Beaches of Playa Montezuma Playa Montezuma Turtle conservation and community outreach

Join our project in the friendly community of Playa Montezuma, where conservation and community join hands.

Between July  and December, sea turtles nest on the beaches of this tourist haven, and our project is at the front of conservation efforts - relocating nests into a hatchery where we can monitor the eggs and hatchlings.

In the community we work closely with the local school... read more!

Dental work at the public hospital Dental elective program

Dental Program (Public Atlantida Hospital) Program Director Dr. Evans. "The Dental program is designed for those volunteers who wish to participate and / or cooperate in the hospital , the dental department always needs help of volunteers in certain areas. Sometimes we do business outside the clinic and visited other facilities such as childcare and promote the importance of dental cleaning to... read more!